From 3% to 34% :
Landing Page Optimization Breakdown

Discover the critical steps we took to achieve an average of 34% opt-in rate for a 1-year period

results summary

As high as 43.6% Opt-in rate

Average of 34.14% Opt-in rate for a year

Initial Goal

  • Verify if the landing page's messaging resonates with the email list.

What We Did :

  • Using the ASK Method principles, we re-analyzed the Deep Dive Survey (DDS) responses we've collected
  • Details on how we performed the DDS : [Click here]
  • Modified the landing page's copy based on the DDS analysis

Observation :

  • Landing Page seems slow to load.

What We Did :

  • We profiled the page's speed and found out that it is indeed slow especially for mobile 
  • To speed-up, we downsized images and used compressed image formats


  • It seems there are a lot of distractions in the landing page.

What We Did :

  • We performed usability review and researched on best practices.
  • We optimized the landing page's layout based on these reviews and practices.

Result :

  • Average of 34.14% opt-in rate for 1 year
  • As high as 43.60%

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