$20K+ Webinar Funnel Breakdown

Discover the critical steps we took to create a Webinar Funnel that generated a total of $20,094 over a period of 3 months.

results summary

$6K+ Webinar Sales each Month

Average of $6,698 sales each month for 3 months.

Above 50% Webinar Registration Rates

Rates went as high as 77.61%

100+ Course Sales

Total of 102 sales for 2 online courses. 

Initial Goal

  • Verify if the webinar funnel's messaging resonates with the email list.

What We Did :

  • Using the ASK Method principles, we re-analyzed the Deep Dive Survey (DDS) responses we've collected
  • Details on how we performed the DDS : [Click here]
  • Modified webinar registration page's copy based on the DDS analysis

Observation :

  • Applying the ASK Method Principles, we looked for ways to shorten the conversion process.
  • We noticed that Email subscribers are being asked to input their name & email.

What We Did :

  • Optimized the webinar registration process using the "Lazy Subscriber Principle"
  • Removed the need to type in name and email in order to register
Opt-in Rate

Result :

  • Webinar registration rates as went as high as 77.61%

Continuous Improvement

  • We thought of placing surveys at certain parts of the funnel to get feedback.

What We Did :

  • Using the ASK Method principles, we determined critical points to direct people to a survey, like when:
  • People bought; and
  • People opted out of the webinar funnel

Output :

  • An ASK Method optimized Webinar Funnel that generates sales and
  • Gathers Data for further funnel optimizations

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