Segmentation Quiz

Obsolete : One size fits all marketing

When someone opt-ins to your newsletter, or when someone arrives at your website, he/she is expecting that the contents are customized based on their current challenge or preference.

One way to do this is via a segmentation quiz.

The result of the quiz will tell us what messaging or marketing should be served to that person.

Segmentation improves the relevance of your message, thus increasing the percentage of conversion (i.e. stranger to lead).

I created a sample segmentation quiz here.

This sample has 4 different outcomes depending on the answers to the first question in the quiz.

The outcome page offers a lead magnet specific based on how the quiz was answered.

Below are the screenshots of the possible outcomes.

4 Different Outcomes

New Market Outcome / Segment

Existing Market Outcome / Segment

New Product Outcome / Segment

Existing Product Outcome / Segment